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A new Pyjamarama inspired game is coming up to your C64!

Greetings, my fellow C64 users!

As the title suggests, a new arcade-adventure game is in the works; a game which takes great inspiration from Mikro-Gen's classic Wally games.

The game will be called Shiver Me Timbers, and it is a sequel to my previous game, The Cursed Key.

As you might recall, our hero, John, found the mythical treasure from The House of Doom in his previous adventure. He had to go through a lot of trouble to find the dreaded Cursed Key, which was the only thing that would unlock the trapdoor to the attic. Now that the worst was behind, things were looking pretty good. "Now all I need to do," John thought to himself, "is to drag this treasure chest out of this building. Should be easy-peasy. I can't even imagine what could go wrong, now that I've made it this far!"
But John was clearly too confident. As he pushed the chest out of the front door, a super natural whirlpool appeared out of nowhere! The skies darkened, a storm was churning up, and he heard chilling laughter! The pirates had indeed cursed the treasure, there was no doubt about it! There was nothing he could do. He and the treasure chest got sucked in to the mighty whirlpool. A few minutes later, he found himself on a tropical island somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean (Yeah, I know it's a bit of a cliché but come on.. pirate stories are always set in the Caribbean! ;) ). The treasure chest was gone, but right now John didn't really care about that. He was more worried about other things. What happened? Where is he? How would he get back home from here?

Well that's it for the story for now. The story will eventually evolve along with the game, but the previous paragraph should give you an idea of what to expect. :)

Basically, you are in for a treat if you like Pyjamarama-esque adventure games. Like Pyjamarama, Everyone's a Wally, Herbert's Dummy Run and Three Weeks in Paradise, my game Shiver Me Timbers will contain lots of intriguing puzzles and memorable locations. In order to achieve "that Mikro-Genish look", the graphics of the game are in Spectrumesque hi-res bitmap mode (multicolour mode is strictly forbidden! Otherwise the game wouldn't look like it's from 1984! :) ) and the sounds will also be simplistic. I have some nice tunes planned for the game, though. My main focus is on the gameplay, I aim to make the game great fun, even better than The Cursed Key. I even have a rather innovative idea regarding the design of the game. I will make the development of the game "open" to others. That means that everybody, even those outside of the dev team, can suggest ideas for puzzles and locations of the game.

Anyway, I shall end the first part of my development blog here. My final words are: Stay tuned for updates! :) Bye for now!

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