tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

And So the Main Code for the Game Is Finished!


Hello there, readers! Today I shall talk about the exit blocks, which was the only element left to do for the game. I am pleased to say that my game is now pretty much finished, thanks to those blocks! :) Now I just need the rooms and the puzzles for the game, and I shall write more about that later in this blog.

Exit blocks - the way to take the player to the next room

I will make this a pretty short chapter, as there isn't that much to say.

Checking for the presence of an exit block isn't any more complicated than checking for the presence of an item. You do it the very same way.

When the game notices that you are on an exit block, some action is taken. Assuming that each exit block has 4 bytes associated to it (As I wrote earlier) and the 4th byte means 'What item is required to enter?', we would first check the 4th byte. Is it 0? Then we just jump to the teleportation code without any further checks.

But if the 4th byte is not 0, then some checks are in order. We must make sure that the value of either item 1 or item 2 matches the value that we got from the 4th byte. If they do, then we may proceed to the new room routine. Otherwise nothing happens.

Bytes 1-3 tell the room number for the new room routine, and the X and Y location, respectively.

That's it!

Right! Now all the important code is in place, and it's time for the design part: the rooms and the puzzles of the game. And this is where you come in! :)

You have the opportunity of shaping the game with your location and puzzle suggestions. If your suggestions make it to the final game, you will be credited in the game... Or at least in the tape inlay, if there's no memory left for text in the game.

Fame and fortune will await those who contribute... well, fame anyway. ;) You can send your suggestions to my e-mail which is  joonaslindberg@hotmail.com  , or you can post your suggestions on the Lemon64 forum. I visit that forum every day.

This is my final entry for the Shiver Me Timbers blog! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it. Remember to send your suggestions to me. Then you can tell your friends: "I was part of the development team!" :). I hope I will be flooded with e-mails... okay, maybe not, hehheh!

Thanks for reading, see you later!